Monday, June 7, 2010


My RC performance has increased significantly. And my CR is coming up too. I am finding the Manhattan Quant books to be of very good use. I would suggest them to anyone who plans to take GMAT. Though, Quant is one section I am confident of, it may happen that it ends up being my biggest mistake. I have booked the dates and in another 10 days time, I should be done with all the five quant books from Manhattan and the SC guide. The challenge is to keep my practice of RC & CR going steady till I finish with the rest of them. Inspiration and motivation are highly required values. Without them, this journey to the marathon has every chance to falter.


1. Completed Manhattan FDP’s guide
2. Notes completed on FDP’s.
3. 3 LSAT RC (9/9 18 Mins, 8/9 18 Mins, 8/9 18 Mins)
4. 20 LSAT CR Questions (16/20, 33 Mins)


  1. where do you get the LSAT questions from


  2. hey. thanks for visiting! i'll add you first.