Monday, June 7, 2010


My RC performance has increased significantly. And my CR is coming up too. I am finding the Manhattan Quant books to be of very good use. I would suggest them to anyone who plans to take GMAT. Though, Quant is one section I am confident of, it may happen that it ends up being my biggest mistake. I have booked the dates and in another 10 days time, I should be done with all the five quant books from Manhattan and the SC guide. The challenge is to keep my practice of RC & CR going steady till I finish with the rest of them. Inspiration and motivation are highly required values. Without them, this journey to the marathon has every chance to falter.


1. Completed Manhattan FDP’s guide
2. Notes completed on FDP’s.
3. 3 LSAT RC (9/9 18 Mins, 8/9 18 Mins, 8/9 18 Mins)
4. 20 LSAT CR Questions (16/20, 33 Mins)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was a big day. I booked my GMAT date and for me it is going to happen on 09.08.2010.
Destiny knows if i am going to hate it or love it. But i will remember it for sure. I had plans to complete my syllabus and appear for an online test and if were to score good, i would go and book the test date. But, focus matters. And now that have hardly eight weeks to run my race, it would keep me going. Lets c...


1. Completed Chapter 1,2 & 3 - FDP, Manhattan GMAT Maths
2. Tried out several CR's on BTG forums with a 100% accuracy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Handling job, life and GMAT becomes hard. Needless to say, your focus needs to grow, your nerves should be able to hold for more and your skills should have a positive gradient. Talent, genius and hard work, they say, always takes a backseat. Perseverance wins and is godly. Believe me, i am here not to give knowledge sessions but to lay down a reality i face each day. As i progress through this journey to my dream score, on the seventh day, things look tougher, wilder and more diverse than ever before. What lies ahead scares me but yeah, thats the fun of it. Every step should be a memorable one as you walk through the wild terrains. And one more thing which surprises me is the impact on performance which comes of a fresh mind.

Day -7

1. Chapter 3, Manhattan Review SC in progress.
2. 2 LSAT RC (8/9-16 mins, 5/7-15 Mins)
3. 20 Questions of LSAT CR (14/20, 37 Mins)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It was a very bad day for me. It has failure written all over it. I took two 30 Min, 20 Questions LSAT CR tests and i performed poorly to my surprise. I never expected to get a score of 11/20 in two consecutive CR's. It posts a serious question about the format type of LSAT CR's and i am trying to get some more info regarding that. By my next post, i should have got the info i need. GMAT is all about temperament and keeping your cool. I shouldn't have tried giving RC tests just after these two disasters. But i did and i as usual, my scores dipped there too. While i was good on the timing front, i scored 6/8 and 3/9 in two LSAT RC tests. A lot..lot...lot needs to be corrected. I have to make a code delivery today at work that is it for today.


1. 2 30 Min, 20 Q LSAT CR Tests (11/20 & 11/20)
2. 2 LSAT RC (6/8 16 Mins, 3/9 18 Mins)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day - 5

I finally started with Manhattan Sentence Correction. The first two chapters weren’t difficult for me and didn’t make me feel like I am nowhere. Additionally, I tried out some practice for CR and RC’s. While on RC, it was a big devastation for me in case of social science passages, I did pretty well in others. My scores:
Total Questions: 8 Time taken: 20 Mins Score: 8/8
Total Questions: 9 Time taken: 14 Mins Score: 0/9
Total Questions: 8 Time taken: 10 Mins Score: 7/8

Look at that 0/9. This is the one I screwed up and I had actually missed the whole point of the passage. Nez…..i didn’t fare much on the CR side too. It was 14/19 in 36 minutes which is pretty bad. I need to keep up the practice on these two as much as I can while I get done with the Manhattan SC. Kaplan and OG awaits me. By the way, if you are curious as to the source of my practice questions, they are the 1000 LSAT CR and RC collection.


1. Manhattan SC chapter 1 & 2
2. 20 Questions CR from 1000 LSTA RC
3. 3 RC passages from LSAT RC

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 4

I tried couple of CR from the BTG forums and then tried out a LSAT CR test of 20 questions in 30 mins. I could do 19 in 35 which feel isn’t bad as I started today. I had 14 of it correct. Again, it’s OK with me as the first day. Tomorrow is the day to improve on it. I also completed my RC chapter from the Princeton review. I practiced a few questions just to get a feel of it.

1. LSAT CR Test-1 (14/19, 35 Mins)
2. Princeton review RC complete.
3. Tried out a few BTG CR and RC threads.

Day 3

Ok…I did the worst thing. I couldn’t help it. I took two days off from the GMAT regime. And really, this is may be the worst thing to do when you are preparing for the exam. GMAT, rightly termed as a marathon, needs continuous practice and skill building and it has got more to do with the agility of your mind and flexing your veins than with any other thing. Nez…am back and my Day-3 wasn’t that bad. I am almost done with the grammar basics the language and what lie ahead of me on the grammar front is now some higher concepts. There are still four more chapters for that and only then shall I be ready to plunge into the Manhattan and Princeton review materials. They are supposed to teach me GMAT SC and not English grammar basics. And on a different note, I am done with my CR brushing up and I am back to BTG forums. They are the best source of varied, good questions.

1. English Grammar Chapter-2 &3 complete
2. Princeton review CR done.
3. Started with BTG forum threads.